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All Gas Appliance Service
Energy efficiency is an ever-growing issue. We are all aware about the importance of maximising efficiency and conserving fossil fuels. And of course, saving money in the process.
Most hot water systems we have serviced in Queensland, whilst still delivering hot water, were not commissioned poperly at the time of installation, or even during servicing. Every water heater we service or repair is carefully checked to make sure that the pressures recommended by the manufacturer are correctly calibrated on the main burner.

Much like a car engine, if it is not properly tuned, you will be wasting a lot more gas in the long run and this becomes evident as you encounter higher running costs. On a normal domestic gas bill, an average of 80% of the consumption costs are attributed to the water heater and the rest to the stove, so that gives you an idea of just how important it is to have an energy efficiency check durinng your average servicing or repair job.

Even if your heater seems to be running fine, it is recommended to have it checked regularly for energy efficiency. Pay particular attention to the walls and roof directly surrounding the area around the water heater and check to see if there is any soot. Also check to see if there are any yellow burning flames on the burner. These are signs that the appliance isn't running efficiently and most of the time it usually means you are paying more than you should be for your gas bill. These signs point out lack of servicing or maintenance, and a chance that you could be using up to 3 times as much gas you need to be.

In some cases a yellow flame can also mean a small level of poisonous carbon monoxide in the air directly in the area near the heater due to incomplete combustion. If there are any of these signs or if there are any concerns regarding the efficiency of your water heater, then it is recommended you have it checked asap.