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We are also a SERVICE CENTRE specialising in after-warranty service for Westinghouse, CHEF and AEG gas appliances (cookers, cooktops, wall & underbench ovens).

We also do warranty and after-warranty service for GLEM GAS, EMILIA, HIGHLAND, ASKO and FISHER & PAYKEL gas appliances.
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All Gas Appliance Service
ALL GAS APPLIANCE SERVICE is a Brisbane, family owned company operated by Gerry and Gaston Ropolo. Together they have a combined 50+ years of experience in the field of gas appliance servicing, repairs and installations.

We personally do the repairs and maintenance on site. We do not send subcontractors.

Gerry is a former ALLGAS ENERGY LTD and ENERGEX GAS serviceperson. Gaston joined the company in 2002 and is a fully licensed Gas Service Technician and Gas Fitter. ALL GAS APPLIANCE SERVICE is a registered company with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) under the number 1187511.

To browse through our site and the services we offer, please select one of the categories on the left. Each section is carefully detailed and you can find useful information regarding gas appliances and safety.

Our aim is to provide a higher level of quality gas repairs, maintenance and servicing for domestic and commercial jobs at very competitive rates. Word of mouth has been the key to our current and ongoing success. Most of our customers are repeat customers or people referred to us by previous clients.
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The content and pictures in this site depict an overall view about safety, products, options and common sense regarding installation and maintenance of gas appliances and to better understand the activities of profesionally trained and licensed people working in the gas industries.

Content and pictures are not intended as a guide but rather as an exhibit. This site is not intended for "do it yourself" consumers or as a guide for untrained or unlicensed people.
Due to the complexity of modern gas appliances, we do not provide advice and/or technical information related to servicing, repairs or the installation or replacement of gas devices. We apologise for any inconvenience but this decision has been made with the safety of our customers in mind and to help prevent the risk of personal injuries or damage to property as a result of defective work performed by untrained or unlicensed people. Safety will always remain a non-negotiable issue.