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All Gas Appliance Service
(1) Should I have my gas appliances regularly serviced?

(1) YES. All types and models of gas appliances (domestic, commercial or industrial) need to be regularly checked and have routine maintenance or a scheduled straight service.
One reason for this is to diagnose the early stages of any potential problems an appliance may have thus, the repairs are considerably cheaper. In some cases the damage due to lack of proper maintenance or servicing are so large that it is cheaper to install a new unit.
The next reasons for regular servicing are to maintain the appliance’s peak performance, ensure the optimum amount of gas is applied for energy efficiency and to diminish any possible safety risks associated with the nature of a gas appliance.
Do not wait until the appliance fails or ‘explodes’ before calling a serviceperson.
Generally, the better the maintenance, the longer the utility life you'll get from the machine.
We strongly recommend that the manufacturer's specifications for servicing are strictly followed. Such information should be available by the appliances’ manuals along with the warranty that is handed over to you by your Plumber/Gasfitter at the completion of the installation of the appliance.
Please note that these considerations are fully applicable to electric appliances as well.

(2) Should I contact a Plumber or a Gasfitter to service my gas water heater?

(2) As recommended by manufacturers of gas appliances, the customer must contact a proper and dedicated gas technician or a service company specifically trained for the service and maintenance of gas appliances – service personnel that are also regularly retrained by the factories and carrying the proper parts and testing equipment for the correct service.
Plumbers and Gasfitters might assist you in case of a replacement of a gas appliance. For maintenance or servicing, a proper gas appliance service company is strongly recommended.
(21) I've found a gas hot water heater at an excellent price on the local newspaper but it's for bottled gas and I need it converted to natural to use it.
Can you convert and install this heater for me if I buy it?

(21) Before purchasing any gas appliance, make sure it comes with an approval from the Australian Gas Association (AGA) which is a four digit number that should appear on the mandatory data plate attached to the appliance. Alternatively, some may come with an approval label by other certifiers such as:
-SAI Global (www.standardsmark.com)
-IAPMO R&T Oceana (www.iapmooceana.org)
-Global-Mark (www.global-mark.com.au)

Certification is for type A appliances; domestic or light commercial that are generally mass produced and sold at appliance retail stores. This will ensure that the appliance is compliant with all technical and safety requirements for sale and installation.
It's important to note that gas licensed people are not allowed to install, commission, convert or service a gas appliance that is not approved by any of the above mentioned certifiers.
(22) I don't want to run out of gas on my barbecue so I keep a spare 9kg gas bottle inside of my garage to avoid theft. Is that okay?

(22) No. Gas bottles, of any size, should never be stored indoors.
It is best to store them outside (and standing upright) away from ignition sources and in a well-ventilated area.
It is preferable to lose a gas bottle to theft than to have an accident indoors from one. At least, if the bottle is stolen, you'll be able to tell the story.
(23) I would like to buy a gas cooktop from eBay, Is it okay to do so?

(23) Yes, in fact, we have previously purchased cooktops on eBay at a fraction of the retail price, but it is important that you ensure the appliance has been approved for installation in Australia as no licensed gas technician will install it without an approval label by a relevant australian certifier.

In most cases, the seller will state on the description something like "Approved by the Australian Gas Association" or "AGA Approval No. xxxx" (a four digit number).

If nothing appears on the item's description then go to "Ask a question" and contact the seller about the matter.
If the seller is unable to give you a satisfactory answer about approval, do not buy it.
(24) Can I use a gas room heater with a barbecue gas bottle attached, via hose, in my lounge room? I'm careful and it will only be at night.

(24) No. There are two problems with this: the first is having a bottle stored indoors and the second is having it close to an ignition source.
Worst case scenario is that the bottle is knocked over from an upright position thus injecting liquid propane into the hose and immediately to the heater. If the heater is working at the time, then you will have a very, very bad night.

Gas bottles store huge amounts of energy that, if wrongly unleashed, can cause you and your family serious consequences. Even your surrounding neighbours would be affected.

Play it safe, have a licensed gasfitter install a propane bottle, outside, with a copper pipe line and a bayonet connection inside, where you can then connect your heater safely.

Do not be afraid of gas. But, like electricity, treat it with respect.
(3) My instantaneous gas hot water heater caught fire last night and it is gone. Looks like it was not serviced since it was installed apparently over 10 years ago. I bought the house only a few years ago . Nobody told me it was supposed to be serviced.

(3) After the installation of a new gas device, plumbers and gasfitters have the obligation to hand over all instruction booklets and technical information that came with the appliance, to the customer. Customers are obliged to read the information and keep it.  
In the event that the house is being sold, the new owner should be receiving ALL manuals related to gas or electric appliances that are attached to or are part of the house (water heaters, cookers, space or room heaters, air conditioning equipment, dishwashers, pool or spa pool equipment, etc.).  Unfortunately this is rarely happening.
Just be proactive.  Do not expect someone to come and to tell you what to do. Always assume that there is something around the house that might need attention, even if it is still working fine. If you believe or suspect that your gas appliances and particularly your water heater was not checked or serviced for the last three years, a checkup by a licensed technician can’t hurt.

(4) The pilot flame on my instantaneous gas hot water heater is on, but when I turn on a hot water tap the main burner is not kicking in and yet the gas supply is fine. What's going on?

(4) If the heater has been properly relighted and you are still unable to get hot water in your taps, then it is possible that your heater needs urgent service as one or more parts inside the water section are faulty or broken. You must refer the matter to a licensed gas technician or accredited gas appliance service company.
Note that the manufacturer’s specifications for relighting can be found on a sticker attached to the front, side or back of the heater’s front cover.
(20) My gas hot water system is almost twenty years old. Should I have it serviced again or replaced?

(20) The HWS (hot water system) should be checked and inspected by a gas technician experienced in your particular type of water heater. Assessing whether a HWS should be serviced or replaced will depend on:

a) the primary components of the heater being mechanically sound.
b) spare parts being available.
c) a reasonable servicing cost.

We recommend replacing the HWS if all of these conditions aren't met. These guidelines should also be applied to cooking appliances.
(5) The pilot flame on my water heater keeps extinguishing and I have to relight it on a constant basis. What should I do?

(5) Pilot flames on gas appliances generally function with a safety device called a "flame failure valve" which might require attention. It is designed to turn off the gas to the appliance after a specific amount of seconds if the pilot flame goes off.
Contact a gas appliance service company for help as the components of the flame failure valve need testing for performance and replacement if necessary.
It is dangerous and illegal to try to bypass that device.
(6) Last time my gas water heater stopped working it took a few days until a serviceperson turned up and another week to find the parts to repair it. Is that normal?

(6) If you contact us in the morning as early as possible, then there is a high chance that your water heater will be working again in the afternoon. We carry most of the parts for the most popular types of gas hot water heaters in Brisbane.
(7) I called my plumber a few weeks ago and he made some repairs on my gas water heater but it still keeps alternating between hot and cold water in the shower-place. He came back three more times and now says that we should replace the water heater. Is that right?

(7) No. Looks like some key parts have not been replaced yet or proper adjustments still need to be done.
By experience with similar cases we are sure your water heater does not need replacement. All it may need is proper servicing by an experienced and properly trained technician.
(8) My gas instant hot water system stopped working last night. I've called my gasfitter and he says that it needs replacement. It is nine years old. Is that the typical utility life or should they last longer?

(8) The expected average utility life of a regularly maintained instantaneous water heater is around 20 to 25 years.  Before making any decisions, ask for a second opinion and have the heater checked by a proper gas appliance service company.  We are pretty sure all it needs is a proper maintenance service usually below a price mark of 200 dollars.

(9) My gas heater needs servicing but I am working every day and/or unable to be home before 5pm. What can I do?

(9) We work extended hours to help people with that concern. Contact us and we'll organise a visit. There is no surcharge for that.

(10) I can smell gas sometimes when opening a drawer or a door under the gas cooktop. Sometimes there is no smell at all and some days it is very strong. What should I do?

(10) There should be an isolation gas tap under the cooktop. Turn it off and give us a ring to organise repairs asap. There is a leak in the pipework connecting to the cooktop or an internal leak in the appliance possibly from a faulty gasket or the manifold taps needing regreasing to stop gas leakage. For safety reasons any repair must be done by a licensed gas technician.

 (11) I've got a European gas freestanding cooker and I am cannot get the oven burner going. I am doing the usual recommended procedure for relighting but as soon I release the oven knob the flame on the burner goes off.  What's going on?

(11) A component of the oven's “Flame Failure Valve” is faulty and can’t signal that the flame has been established.  Ring us to make a booking so we can identify the faulty part and install a new one.

(15) I want to replace my existing water heater and my plumber advised me of the convenience of having a Tempering Valve installed. Is that correct?

(15) Depending on your particular situation a Tempering Valve might be compulsory or recommended. We strongly recommend the installation of Tempering Valves even if they are not compulsory for the situation.
The latest generation of gas electronic instantaneous water heaters such as RINNAI INFINITY, RHEEM INTEGRITY, BOSCH HIGHFLOW AND DUX ENDURANCE all have a version that comes with an inbuilt system that limits the temperature to a maximum of 50 deg C (they are named "50 deg C factory preset models") thus saving the cost of installing a tempering valve.
(17) I've got a gas oven that is not heating up. It is a model with a glowing element on the left side of the burner. Previously, the element was glowing and the flame was coming up, but now only the element glows and no flame.
Is this a burner blockage and can you fix it?

(17) Your gas oven is, more than likely, either a CHEF or WESTINGHOUSE or ELECTROLUX brand. These ovens use an American ignition system called "NORTON" that uses gas to produce heat for cooking yet is regulated by electric components.
Usually, the problem will stem from the electronic components.

Under the current Queensland trade and safety legislation, the person working on this applance must be a trained technician with a gas and electrical license.

We at ALL GAS are certified to fix these problems as we hold both types of licenses.
(13) A workmate told me he had recently installed on his house a "Tempering Valve", what does this do?

(13) Tempering Valves are very important safety devices that limit the temperature of the hot water pipes to a maximum of 50 deg C, to minimise the risks of scalding such as in cases of young children and elderly people. Regardless, children and elderly people particularly those with mobility problems should always be supervised when bathing.
(18) I've got an old gas upright cooker that is around 30 years old. The width is 540mm and it is white in colour. Can I get it replaced?

(18) Of course, visit a local appliance retailer such as The Good Guys, Harvey Norman or RT Edwards, purchase one and when it's delivered to your house, contact us and we'll professionally install the new one and remove the old one for metal recycling.
To allow for easier servicing and eventual maintenance, it is strongly recommended to buy Australian brands such as CHEF or WESTINGHOUSE as spare parts will be more readily available. Check the type of gas you've got at home, whether it is natural or propane, and order an appropriate stove.
If you aren't sure or undecided on what to buy, feel free to contact us and we can help you with some recommendations.
(25) I've got a BOSCH HYDROPOWER gas instantaneous water heater that works intermittently. It was fine yesterday, but it stopped working this morning. In the afternoon it was working again.
It just isn't working when we need hot water. Any clues?

(25) The BOSCH HYDROPOWER is a gas water heater designed without a permanent pilot flame as this saves gas and makes the heater more energy efficient.
To achieve a self-igniting water heater, BOSCH introduced electric and electronic components that put some complexity on the final product.

Give us a ring to organise a visit for the repairs.
Using an electronic multimeter, we can identify which component is not working (under the parameters specified by BOSCH) and then replace it.
It may not even need new parts.
(19) I've got one of those old gas elevated (or side by side) cookers sitting on top of a specially designed cabinet. I would like to replace it but are they still available?

(19)Yes they are still available. WESTINGHOUSE is the only manufacturer in Australia for these types of cookers.
They are assembled in Adelaide and delivery takes about 10 working days. You can order it with the oven on the right or the left side.
These cookers are not seen in showrooms but it can be ordered under the model numbers: GEK 1235 W (standard model) or GEK 1385 W (premium model).

Double check with another retailer if the salesperson says that it is not available.
Once you have it delivered to your home, contact us and we'll replace it and remove the old one for metal recycling.
(14) Since my plumber installed a TEMPERING VALVE on my house, I have had trouble with the provision of hot water. Can you come and remove it?

(14) It is strictly prohibited and illegal to remove it. Removing this device may attract a suspension of license, a heavy fine and even prosecution. Do not attempt to remove it yourself and do not ask for it to be removed.
There are several reasons why a Tempering Valve may not be performing well:
Sometimes the Tempering Valve may not be at fault and the gas water heater may just need servicing.
Contact your licensed Plumber/Gasfitter for more information or give us a ring to have the Tmpering Valve and the gas water heater checked and serviced for proper performance and efficiency.
(16) I've got a large storage hot water heater that is leaking water and needs replacement. It is a bulky, ugly thing at the back of the house. Can you replace this heater with something more compact or more aesthetically pleasing?

(16) Due to the nature of the design, generally all types of storage hot water heaters are bulky as they keep large amounts of preheated hot water inside. Their bulkyness usually makes them 'ugly' and difficult to hide.
The preferred solution in this case is to replace the storage hot water heater with an instantaneous gas type that is extremely compact and far more efficient in comparison.

The photo sets below show a typical replacement job we previously completed in Wishart and one in New Farm. Removal of the existing broken storage water heater at the back of the house and the installation of the instantaneous replacement on the adjacent side of the house.
(35) I've got a DUAL FUEL stainless steel cooker with hotplates that use gas, but the grill and oven are electric. If the oven is not heating up, should I call a gas technician or an electrician for the repairs?

(35) DUAL FUEL cookers are primarily recognised as gas cookers. However, under current Queensland trade practices legislation, repairs can only be legally carried out by a technician with both a gas license and an electrical contractor's license.

Our technicians hold both required licenses so we are qualified to service DUAL FUEL cookers.
(36) My Westinghouse gas wall oven is becoming erratic. It's about 6 years old and it's connected to the electricity. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't. When it finally starts, after warming up, it goes off and does not start again. As it is out of warranty, the people of Electrolux Westinghouse in Brisbane told me to contact you. Can you help me?

(36) Yes we can. Your Westinghouse gas oven is technically an electric one and the gas is being used as a fuel only - all the operating and safety functions are done by the electrical components.

Service people involved in these repairs must have current Queensland gas and electrical licenses as well as being properly trained in the service and maintenance of these appliances. They are made in Adelaide and Westinghouse is the only Australian manufacturer that still produces wall and underbench gas ovens for the local and overseas markets. These Australian made ovens are as good or even better than most imported models. Tell us when someone will be home and we'll organise a visit for you.

Here are some examples of Westinghouse wall ovens:
(32) I've called the warranty service to fix a problem on my newly installed stove but they've refused to honour the warranty because the gasfitter who installed it did not provide me with the gas Compliance Certificate when the appliance was installed.
Is this normal?

(32) In Queensland, whenever a relevant job is performed on an existing gas installation (such as the replacement of an appliance), the Gasfitter involved should provide the customer with a COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE as well as attach a COMPLIANCE PLATE to the inside of the electrical meter box once a job is completed.

Warranty service companies, for liability reasons, are allowed to refuse repairs if there is no Compliance Certificate issued as they will presume that the job was probably done by an unlicensed person or the owner himself. Incorrect installation and commissioning might cause direct or indrect damages to the appliance and are not covered by the warranty. The compliance certificate is extremely important as it certifies that the installation complies with all aspects of current national and state gas legislation and the requirements of the manufacturer to ensure safety and performance are fulfilled.

If you have not received a compliance certificate, call the gasfitter and arrange to have one sent to you. Some gasfitters will send the certificate, by mail or email, up to several days after the job has been completed. But if he is not answering your calls or refusing to send it, contact the authorities.
(33) I don't want any nasty surprises so I want to be sure the gasfitter coming to replace my stove is actually licensed and cleared to work in Brisbane.
What can I do to verify the current status of his gas license?

(33) Go to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) website and using the "Licensee Search" feature, enter the surname or company name of the gasfitter and the system will tell you of his current status.

To work legally in Queensland, the gasfitter must have a license from the PETROLEUM AND GAS INSPECTORATE and also be registered with the QBCC as a trade contractor. If there person is not on the list, do not do business with them.
(34) I've had a few quotes to replace my gas wall oven but one is considerably cheaper than the others. Should I be suspicious of very cheap quotes when it comes to gas or electrical work?

(34) From our experience, a good rule of thumb is to avoid cheap quotes as the quality or legality of the work may be questionable. Or it may be that the other quotes are simply overpriced.
As a consumer, it is ultimately your decision and your right to pick the cheaper option if you wish.

However, you should ensure the following:
  1. The gasfitter is fully licensed and has a current Queensland gas work permit.

  2. The gasfitter gives you a GAS COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE after the job is finished.

  3. The gasfitter attaches a COMPLIANCE PLATE inside of your electrical meter box once the job has been completed.

Needless to say, checking for these conditions also applies to the expensive quotes too.
(26) I've moved to a new house yesterday that has empty bottles labelled "ALLGAS ENERGY". Can you organise the refilling?

(26) If your LPG bottle(s) have the company name of "ALLGAS ENERGY"" or "ENERGEX GAS", you will need to contact "ORIGIN GAS" on 133 574 to have them refilled or replaced (and rebadged.)
This is because ORIGIN purchased the rights for distribution of LPG, for the southside of Brisbane, from those companies several years ago.
(27) Today people of the gas company refused to refill my gas bottles. They left a DEFECT NOTICE, in writing, stating several issues around the bottles that I first need to rectify before reapplying for gas.
So, I've got no gas now for cooking or showering. I've been a loyal customer of the company for more than twenty years. How is this fair?

(27) The gas company workers that deliver gas have the power of safety inspectors, in that if they see something that is not compliant with the current gas legislation, then they have the right to refuse delivery of gas based on safety and liability reasons.
One shouldnt take this matter personally as these are national rules that applies to everyone to ensure all current safety regulations are met.

If a DEFECT NOTICE has been issued, it is because there are relevant matters that need to be addressed.
Give us a ring or contact your licensed gasfitter to have the matter rectified immediately.
A COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE will be issued at the completion of the job, signed by a licensed gasperson, stating that the matter has been rectified.
You will receive a copy of this certificate and another copy will be faxed to your gas supplier.
(28) My last quarterly natural gas bill was almost seventy dollars on maintenance charges and only eighteen on the actual gas usage. I've only got a hotplate with gas. Does this look like a normal gas bill?

You are spending, on average, $270.00 anually on maintenance charges plus $72.00 on gas which equates to $342.00 per year. If you switch to bottled gas, the yearly cost, with a 45 kg bottle, will be around $120.00 for the gas plus $25 for the yearly rental of the cylinder which comes to a total of $145 a year.

So in this particular case, you'll be saving $200 a year by using propane gas instead of natural. If you are concerned about running costs, give us a ring and we will convert the cooktop for propane use and install a bottle outside with a connecting pipe.
(30) The guy that delivers the gas bottles to our house told me that I need the existing pressure regulator, on the bottles, replaced by a "double stage" one.
What does this mean?

(30) Looks like you still have the old "single stage" type regulator that is currently being phased out. In order to be safely used for your domestic appliances, the high pressure of the gas coming directly from the bottles needs to be significantly reduced with a mechanical device called a regulator.

The regulator delivers 2.75 Kpa at the outlet which is the recommended pressure for optimum performance on appliances using bottled gas.
The old "single stage" type had the advantage of being cheaper because of their simpler design but has, in some cases, experienced stress on the internal components that lead to failure.
Failures were mostly producing lower pressure than normal but on rare occasions it would produce higher levels and this was a concern because if it exceeded 7 Kpa, the excess of pressure can push the gas through the spring loaded cones of the taps of a cooker and release gas inside the house.

In light of this, manufacturers introduced an improved second generation of pressure regulators called "double stage" types (they are also called regulators with over pressure protection). In these regulators the pressure is turned down on two steps, putting less stress on the internal mechanisms and making the device far less likely to fail.

Your gas deliverer is right; you must get your old regulator replaced by a double stage one and then have it replaced in intervals not exceeding ten years. All jobs must be done by a licensed gas person.
Pictured above: Typical double stage regulators of different manufacturers and capacities availables in australia. One can clearly see the two stages - a small one on top and a bigger one underneath.
These must be installed in an upright position and atached firmly to a wall with brackets. Protective cover is recommended by manufacturers particullarly against the sun.
(31) I've got two gas bottles at home with a little changeover tap so I can switch from one bottle to the other as soon as one becomes empty. The problem is that I have to relight my gas hot water heater every time a bottle becomes empty and this is not an easy thing to do.

Is there something that I can do to avoid the heater going off?

(31) In this case we recommend having the manual changeover regulator replaced with an automatic changeover type. As the name suggests, this regulator will automatically switch to gas from the other bottle when the first is empty. This regulator also comes with a device that visually indicates which bottle is empty.

The device points to one of the bottles and shows a green flag that indicates the cylinder has gas and a red flag to indicate it needs replacement so you can call the gas company.

Give us a ring if you would like further discussion on this matter.
Pictured above: Typical automatic changeover regulators of different manufacturers and capacities availables in australia.
(29) I am the owner of a restaurant in Brisbane and I've purchased an appliance which has no visible data plate or sticker saying that it is approved. What can I do now?

(29) A small percentage of commercial gas appliances, that have been manufactured in small quantities and for specific cooking purposes, might not come with an approval label.

If this is the case, contact the QUEENSLAND GAS ASSOCIATION (www.qga.org.au/contact.asp) to organise the certification of the appliance.
Above - typical Tempering Valves in Australia (from left to right):
'AVG' for gas storage types.
'TEMP SHIELD' for gas instantaneous types.
'CALEFFI' for gas instantaneous types.
'RELIANCE' (RMC) for solar types.
All these valves have a modulating thermostatic cartridge made by VERNET in France.
(12) The other day I've been trying to turn off the master gas tap, the one at the gas meter, and I was unable to do so as it looks "frozen". Can I make a booking with you to have it repaired or replaced?

(12) This is a good question related to general safety around the house. Always know where the master gas tap is (generally situated just before the inlet of the gas meter) in case of an emergency.  Always be prepared for worst case scenarios and ensure every member of the family knows where the master tap is and that the pathway to reach it is always clear. It is very important to regularly check the tap to ensure that even a child can turn it off freely.
If you are unable to do so, contact the gas company to have it replaced as it belongs to the gas supplier and is generally, a free service.         

FAQ - Customer's Frequently Asked Questions about gas appliances: