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All Gas Appliance Service
Instantaneous water heaters (IWH) are one of the most popular types of heaters, especially in areas where natural gas is available. They have the advantage of being very compact and easier to install (as opposed to their storage tank counterparts) and are normally attached to an external or internal wall.
To guarantee a long utility life and the correct flow and temperature of water, IWHs need regular maintenance.

Under most manufacturer's specifications this should be done once a year, however, many customers request maintenance & servicing once every two to three years or when the unit no longer functions.
It is strongly recommended to stick to the manufacturer's advice with respect to the frequency of maintenance checkups.

Proper service for these types of heaters must be carried out by certified experts in the field, under strict manufacturer's specifications and using original spare parts. Failure to do so may result in reduced performance, excessive gas consumption with fluctuating water temperatures and/or significantly decreased utility life of the heater.

In most cases, malfunctioning heaters can be fixed with an inexpensive overhaul. Again this should be carried out by trained technicians who are properly equipped and have the necessary spare parts.
ALL GAS APPLIANCE SERVICE have the training and experience in this particular field that no other company in Brisbane can match.
Gas instantaneous hot water heaters:
Typical installation of a Rinnai 26
Rinnai 20 installed as a booster on a solar installation
Rinnai 26 with cover removed. Circuitry box visible bottom right
Units installed by our company:
A Rinnai V1200 installed in Bulimba
A Rinnai B16 installed in Graceville
A Rinnai B16 installed in Oxley
A Rinnai B16 installed in Holland Park
A Rinnai B16 installed in Wishart
Pyrox IWH
Bayard IWH
Bosch IWH
Vaillant IWH
Electronically-assisted gas intantaneous hot water heaters:
Electronically assisted instantaneous water heaters are similar to normal IWHs except that they use electricity (a marginal consumption of approximately 2 amps when in use) for ignition, temperature control and an internal fan that optimises the combustion.
There is no pilot flame as a small onboard computer automatically senses when water flows through the system and ignites the main burner when needed.

Additionally, a series of units called "50 degree Factory preset units" do not require the legally mandatory installation of a tempering valve as they already have an in-built system that restricts the water from exceeding 50 degrees.

In the majority of cases, our customers choose these heaters when their existing systems need replacement.

Over the past decade, these types of heaters have undergone substantial increases in energy efficiency which have made them the second most preferable choice after their solar counterparts. Development of these types of units were pioneered by Japanese manufacturers due to their country's lack of local gas sources (being almost entirely imported from overseas at great expense) and insufficient space on residential housing made the installation of storage tanks unfeasible.

After being introduced to the Australian market in 1991 by the company RINNAI, these units were mostly overlooked as the advantages and superiority over other types of heating units available weren't well established since gas and water were relatively inexpensive at the time. Also, due to the systems' dependence on electricity to function, the potential for power outages and blackouts (which were more common then) denying a home hot water, made people reluctant to install them.

However for the last decade, a massive upgrade of the existing electrical network in southern Queensland and the city of Brisbane, by Energex, has resulted in a far more reliable provision of electricity.
Blackouts are a rarity and generally last no more than a few minutes if they happen.

Today, these heaters are an excellent cost-effective balance of energy efficiency and reliability, with low carbon-dioxide emissions and an average energy efficiency rating of 5.5 stars.

Temperature control pads can also be purchased at a later time and easily installable by the customer with a do-it-yourself kit, allowing a user the convenience of selecting a desired temperature for a bath or shower through a simple button and display interface.
Gas storage hot water heaters:
Essentially, these are water tanks with a burner at the bottom and a thermostat that turns the burner on and off, in accordance with the required temperature in the tank.
The main burner only turns on when the temperature in the tank drops, and turns off once the preset temperature has been reached. Thermal insulation of the tank minimises reheating cycles.
They are generally less energy efficient than instantaneous types but require less maintenance. The average service is also cheaper.
The main drawback is that you may run out of hot water, unlike instantaneous hot water heaters.
These types of heaters are fitted with two water safety relief valves: one at the top called Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve on the outlet or hot side of the heater, and another one called Pressure Expansion Valve at the bottom or inlet cold side of the heater. They should be replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years for optimal performance.
It is normal (especially in Winter) for these to release drops of water during the reheating cycle, but should after a while when the cycle is finished. If this does not happen, the valve may need replacing. Since they are sealed units they cannot be repaired.
ALL GAS APPLIANCE SERVICE offer the best professional service for this particular type of heater.
Vulcan Freeloader
Vulcan, Rheem
RAY-PAK Boilers:
These boilers are made in Australia for our particular conditions. They are very reliable and efficient and the maintenance is easy and cheaper than most. These boilers are basically a big instantaneous water heater and are normally associated with a storage tank linked with a circulation pump.
This equipment is normally found on central hot water installations for buildings,  hotels, hospitals, retirement villages, etc.
RAY-PAK also produces Pool and Spa heaters for domestic or commercial applications.
ALL GAS Appliance Service offers you the best professional service for this particular type of boiler.  
RAY-PAK Boiler